Advanced Relics exhibition by Dutch Invertuals, Milan – Italy

April 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

This year’s Dutch Invertuals exhibition in Milan featured tactile objects designed as physical representations of emotions, beliefs and even galactic phenomena. The Advanced Relics exhibition by the Dutch Invertuals collective was curated by Wendy Plomp, and featured a group of nine selected designers who explored topics they felt reflective of today’s society. In each of their projects, the designers aimed to manifest an idea, a feeling, or a situation – all things that can’t be touched – as a physical item. The objective was to counteract the increasingly digital, and therefore untouchable, world we live in.

Bistrot Milano Centrale, Milan - Italy
The objective is to provide a sustainable venue, with a special focus on res...
Bonaveri showroom by Chameleon Visual, Milan - Italy
The new Bonaveri showroom is entirely dedicated to the visual merchandising ...
ICA Off-site: Dover Street Market Exhibition, London - UK
ICA Off-site - Dover Street Market Exhibition, London - UK
Colour Emotions by Sara Garanty
The exhibition is created from seven ”mini- houses” in acryl covered 3 sides...

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