Daichi Chicken Cuisine by Lee’s Interior Design, Taipei – Taiwan

April 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

Japan Taisho period, 14 years between Meiji and Showa. The phase of splendour of combining western cultures, contributing to a symbol of magnificence and romance – The time of dream. Integrating western luxurious characteristics with traditional Japanese style, creating the unique Taisho period romance.

Nifty lines and hue highlight the steadiness and serenity of the wood, adding somewhat delight in a peaceful world. Western gentlemen’ humour mix with traditional Japanese steady personality, bringing out lots of surprises in the space throughout different cultures integration. The grille at the entrance stands for different ages just like different sizes of panes. The big lantern at the staircase demonstrates the most popular red pattern, illustrating the lovely character of Taisho period; welcoming every customer with warmth and blossom.

Strong affection entwined by the Japanese house. The fragrance of charcoal fire emitted along with the wooden table by the fireplace. Symbolizing the traces of life made by time, the old rusty marks of the cooking hook still existing at ease after things have changed as time went by. The atmosphere is so familiar, like cordial people from Shitamachi without affectation. Randomly placed cupboard releases aroma floating in the air. The feeling of comfort and relaxation is like back to home.

The wooden window with floral patterns reflected by the serene spring rain, illustrating the peaceful beauty of Taisho period with simplicity. The naturally curly curves of the wooden roses show the temperament of the western splendour. The decorations of hand-dyed plaid expresses the freedom spirit of Japan’s westernization from Taisho period. The old mottled wood occasionally brings out the temperament of youth and romance. What a beautiful tranquil romantic age!

Designed by Ivy Lee, Xena Lan, Chloe Hsieh / Lee’s Interior Design
Photography by Kelvin Ku

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