Won Hundred store, Amsterdam – Netherlands

April 28th, 2016 by retail design blog

Raadhuisstraat, a bustling artery right behind Amsterdam’s royal palace, slowly sheds its cloak of blandness, evolving into an attractive, curated shopping zone for picky millennials. The arrival of Danish brand Won Hundred certainly adds up to the experience, and is quite compatible with the existing offerings on the block. Situated in an ornate, late 19th century shopping arcade – a landmark stretch of real estate and the very core of this budding shopping zone – it occupies an elongated ground floor unit of approx. 100 sqm. [1,076 sq.ft.] with an intentionally contrasting interior design. Won Hundred’s creative director Nikolaj Nielsen, a self-confessed night crawler, envisioned a club-like, industrial setting with an architectural edge.

Nielsen has collaborated with Copenhagen-based architect Tania Mikkelstrup, resulting in an understated aesthetic with a slightly raw edge. Against a backdrop of steel-coated panels, concrete, and an expansive mural flashing the brand’s name in artfully applied graffiti, stands a sleek trapezoid display crafted from raw steel, and is the store’s design show piece. At the far end of the store a narrow bay has been clad in mirrors top to bottom, and serves as a display room. Rows of fluorescent tubes add up to the club feel, or rather, that moment the lights come on and it’s time for the after party. The new Won Hundred boutique carries the brand’s full range of men’s and women’s items, in addition to its coveted denim range.


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