Ragnarock rock museum by MVRDV & COBE, Roskilde – Denmark

May 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

A new museum dedicated to rock, pop and youth culture will open today in the Danish city of Roskilde. Designed collaboratively by Dutch-based practice MVRDV and Copenhagen-based COBE Ragnarock, as it is to be known, has been described by its designers as “oozing rock’n’roll attitude, with its golden exterior and velvety red interior.” The museum is part of ROCKmagneten, a masterplan for the site of a former concrete factory which COBE and MVRDV won together in 2011. The area has since been designated as a creative and cultural neighborhood and the museum, which is now at the heart of this transformation, is set to be open to the public all year round.

According to Dan Stubbergaard of COBE, the design aim centered on “translating the special energy, image and attitude of rock and pop music into architecture.” The building, he continued, “will introduce the audience to the world of rock music in a tangible way. […] It is an homage to rock and pop stars like Bowie, Hendricks and Jagger.” Stubbergaard suggests that “the analogy of rock has been carried through into the museum, where the scarlet red interior of the foyer resembles the velvety inside of a guitar case.”

According to the designers, “the museum spans four storeys and has a twenty-meter cantilever. The building contains a number of public functions such as a large exhibition hall, auditorium, library, recording studios, museum shop, café, workshops, patio and an outdoor music venue.” COBE and MVRDV will continue to collaborate on the realization of the nearby Roskilde Festival Folk High School, which is set to be completed in 2018.


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