Little Tokyo sushi restaurant by StudioMKZ, Sydney – Australia

May 5th, 2016 by retail design blog

Little Tokyo transplants the quintessential Japanese rice paddy directly into the urban fabric of a humble sushi train located in Sydney, Australia. The feature bulkhead projects the silhouettes of rice plants while a subtle flow of air animates and brings life to the projections. The palette stays true to the Japanese aesthetic while injecting a modern twist through the play of lighting to create a sense of theatre. Lighting is central to accentuating the forms, junctions and textures of the overall design allowing the space to read as light and floating and integral to the dining experience of the customer.

Designed by by StudioMKZ
Photography by Han Lim / StudioMKZ

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  1. christophe prudhomme says:

    am looking fror design for my sushi bar all day dining

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