Play restaurant by Gregory Gatserelia, Dubai – UAE

May 6th, 2016 by retail design blog

A boomtown for many decades, Dubai has gained its fair share of glamour, luxury, and last but not least, jaw-dropping superlatives. It’s a bubbling oasis that continues to evolve with a slew of alluring lifestyle options few other cities can match. In the latter category falls Play, an upscale restaurant that opened a little while ago on the premises of the H Dubai, a five-star property in the heart of the city. Perched on the lofty 36th and 37th floors, the dining spot obviously is a seamless extension of the hotel’s aesthetic, featuring an equally plush interior by Beirut-based designer Gregory Gatserelia.

Largely defined by marble and brass, the design is contemporary with clean lines and smooth surfaces, but it also boasts an exuberant edge that’s unmistakably middle eastern. The space is dotted with custom-made fixtures and furnishing, including suspended brass lanterns hanging in space, beautifully contrasting wall, ceiling and floor mosaics that mimic Dubai’s dynamic skyline – mind you, the design is conceptualized as such that the sweeping city views the location form an integral part of the dynamic design – and a sculptural shooter bar modeled after the profile of the human face and adorned with lamps in the shape of pointing fingers.

Offering guests a full night out on the town, Play is an haute lifestyle playgound, featuring a bar area, a dining section, and for the most discerning of the dining demographic, a hi-tech infused V.I.P. area with art déco-inspired fixtures and furnishings. So, what’s cooking at play? Mirroring Dubai’s unique blend of east and west, a gourmet menu concocted by celebrated chef Reif Othman offers a wide variety of dishes inspired by mediterranean and asian flavours, and make the restaurant a destination in its own right for discerning palates.

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