Vistula store by ZAMEK DESIGN, Kalisz – Poland

May 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

Vistula offers modern, elegant clothing for men, made out of the best materials. Their new store in Amber shopping center in Kalisz was carried out in a new shop concept called ‘The men’s fashion Atelier’. It was designed and wrought by a group of professionals from ZAMEK DESIGN. The shop concept is an embodiment of elegance, style and fashion. Designers from ZAMEK DESIGN wanted to create an interior of a masculine character that would expose the finest features of the products. Their work resulted in unique, exclusive image of Vistula stores.

Presented concept sets a new, more compelling image for Vistula boutiques. As a result of using dark, cold grey and black colour scheme, the interior obtained a look of men’s studio. Materials were inspired by both raw, industrial forms of Tate Modern gallery in London and classical approach of Rembrandt.

The arrangement of the store is based on well-defined division of space into areas and sections. It inspires and absorbs clients, makes them comfortable and gives them the sense of intimacy during shopping. The key element of store’s composition is an industrial, free-standing clothes rack, situated in front of the entrance.

ZAMEK DESIGN pays attention to details, thus making the store unique and elegant. Matte graphite steel was warmed up by satinwood, carpets and panels covered with cloth. The store is equipped with high quality Visplay system and specially designed clothes racks. Another important element of creating the mood and exposing the collection is LED lighting.

Photography by Marcin Lewandowski

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