PRS office by Paritzki & Liani Architects, Tel Aviv – Israel

May 17th, 2016 by retail design blog

Paritzki & Liani Architects has completed an office for an engineering company in Tel Aviv, featuring a billowing “sky-ceiling” created using the brand’s signature product. The Israeli studio was asked to design the new office for PRS on the 12th floor of a high-rise block, Sharbat Tower. Paritzki & Liani previously designed the company’s other location in Israel, decorating parts of it using a PRS product called Geocell, which is mainly used to stabilise soil for roads and other infrastructure projects. It comprises a net-like web of plastic, with openings that change in size as it is stretched and formed.

In the new office, the product is used to create a billowing ceiling intended to reference undulating forms of a cloudy sky and the ocean, both of which are visible through the windows. According to studio co-founders Itai Paritzki and Paola Liani, the aim was to “express the company’s identity and its strong innovative spirit”. The architects suspended the web-like material to the ceiling, fastening it at some points, but allowing it to wrinkle and flow in others. This creates a surface that changes in both height and transparency.

Where the undulating material runs up to the windows, small mirrored panes near the roofline reflect the cloud-like forms so that they appear to continue outside, merging with the clouds visible through the windows. The billowing forms also run down the glass walls on either side of the entrance to the office, offering extra privacy for the business and leading visitors through the double glass doors that form the entrance.

Lights are suspended from the ceiling throughout the office, allowing shadows to play on the bumps and hollows above. The desks are located along one edge of an L-shaped plan near the large windows, separated from the entrance area by a meeting room and a relaxation area. The relaxation space is also made from the company’s Geocell material, but has been filled with pebbles to create a plinth that can be sat or lain on.

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