Anura Vineyards by Inhouse Brand Architects, Stellenbosch – South Africa

May 18th, 2016 by retail design blog

Nestled in the cape wine-lands of South Africa, near Paarl and Stellenbosch, is ‘Anura Vineyards’. Surrounded by idyllic landscape, patrons can enjoy award-winning wine in a contemporary venue designed by Inhouse Brand Architects — previously commissioned for Anura’s restaurant and brewery, wagon trail.

The latest addition to the expansive estate hosts a wide range of events including weddings, launch parties, conferences, and more. It was essential that the interior be both stylish and inclusive, traits that led to the selection of a neutral aesthetic utilizing such materials as oregon pine and weathered-plaster paint. Considered integration of natural light by floor-to-ceiling glass windows strengthens connection to the landscape and emphasizes warm wooden hues found within.

Lighting posed a particular challenge due to the setting’s diverse needs. In the end, Inhouse placed creative responsibility in the able hands of local designer Ryan Matchett, whose steel pendant fixtures hang throughout the venue.

Adjoined to the main space is cooper’s bar, also designed by Inhouse. Drawing from the craft of barrel-making, the intimate environment communicates ‘Anura’s’ distinct heritage. As found in the primary event area, oregon pine makes an almost exclusive reappearance. Alongside metal hoop lights and a bar of salvaged wine barrels, cooper’s bar is equal parts chic and rustic.

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