BRAVÉ lighting series by Antoñito y Manolín

May 18th, 2016 by retail design blog

Creative studio Antoñito y Manolín launches its latest lighting series: designed through experimentation with wood and brass as structural components. The result: expanded constructions of lightweight appearance. Geometric layouts of resounding yet ethereal look, full of functional and artistic possibilities. By little changes in angled cuts of their wooden nodes, different structures and volumes are achieved. Accurate designs with undeniable architectural dimension. Attention has been paid up to the smallest detail, as in the bespoke hand making of light bulbs socket solid wood covers.

Four models have been already launched, as an example of the shapes that this technical design can accomplish: BRAVÉ #1, a regular diamond shaped structure, BRAVÉ ÉTIRÉE and BRAVÉ À PLAT, elongated and expanded variations, and BRAVÉ À TABLE, cubic shaped structure that allows different uses as table lamp, floor lamp or indirect lighting source. Combination of warm and natural elements (solid wood, hand burnished brass) with high tech led light, duality of structure-ornament in the use of components, retro futuristic design, are key to technical and visual success. Bravé is a new lighting concept, designed and hand made by Antoñito y Manolín Studio. Every single piece is custom made. Customisation available. Unique, emotional objects. Only by request at:

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