Hôtel André Latin by Michael Malapert, Paris – France

May 19th, 2016 by retail design blog

Following months of extensive renovation, the Hôtel André Latin has gained an alluring new guise that perfectly matches the 19th century building it occupies. Fraternal co-owners Fabien and Guillaume Sodano – mind you, it was their grandfather who founded the lodgings – enlisted Paris-based interior architect Michael Malapert to breathe new life into the 68-room hotel, and dare we say it was a job well executed. Inspired by the belle époque era, but with contemporary elements subtly blended in, the interiors flaunt a matchingly uplifting joie de vivre and indicate a keen eye for detail that elevates Hôtel André Latin’s hospitality level to a whole new level.

The transformation is immediately evident upon entering the premises through the new cocktail bar on the ground floor. Pretty much destined to become a popular destination in its own right, it pairs a crisp style with a homey atmosphere, featuring a palette of warm natural materials, fabrics and colours. A bar with stools, seating arrangements with comfy sofas, all designed with a cool mid-century twist, and last but not least, an outdoor terrace, seat a total of 34 guests. Decorative mirrors and beautifully designed light fixtures add a playful touch of glam to the aesthetic.

It’s a place suitable to meet and mingle during the day or in the evening, and as such it offers a compatible menu of cakes and various tea options, in addition to beers, wines, and of course, expert cocktails by an in-house mixologist. Not surprisingly, it will also be hosting DJ sets and other scheduled events. The lobby of Hôtel André Latin, or living room in the staff’s parlance, is more or less a seamless extension of the bar, more or less indicated by the floral tiled flooring that ties in both sections. Although welcoming with similar seating arrangements, the aesthetic here is a tad more functional and formal.

Balancing out the latter is the slightly hybrid design of the reception desk which extends into a mini-concept store stocked with a rotating selection of curated merchandise, ranging from candles and city guides, to jewellery pieces and watches. The ground floor is also home to Hôtel André Latin’s first series of refurbished rooms. The palette comprises leather, wood and brass, incorporated in an increased level of modern comfort that also extends to the bathroom design and available amenities.


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