Friele branding / corporate identity by Kind

May 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

When Herman Friele, the abdicated ‘king’ of the Norwegian coffee industry, was planning his new business empire, Kind was given carte blanche to develop a communication strategy and brand vision for the new Friele Group. The result is a dynamic visual identity with historical roots. Inspired by the past, but with a keen eye on the future, this company, which dates back to 1799, aims to give the market a taste of excellence.

‘For Norwegians, the name Friele is synonymous with premium quality. It has been a privilege to reposition a brand icon of Friele’s size and importance. Our focus has been on preserving the company’s history, while at the same time having a keen eye on the future and on Friele’s focus on new markets. This is the start of a new era in the history of Norwegian business,’ says Kind’s CEO Tom Emil Olsen.

“We wish to underline that we are exceptionally satisfied with our collaboration with Kind. We chose Kind as our adviser and branding partner in a branding process where our activities were positioned under the umbrella: the Friele Group.

The assignment we gave Kind was, and is, to give these activity areas a common graphic and stylistic profile, taking into account, at the same time, that the three business areas will communicate actively with their suppliers, customers and partners. It was also part of the assignment to ensure that we have a common Friele ‘umbrella’ that we can identify with.

We are also very keen to ensure that our history, which dates all the way back to 1799, forms a positive foundation on which to build the future, a foundation that will instil in us a sense of responsibility and pride, and create opportunities for us. Kind has tackled the assignment in a highly professional and methodical way, and delivered a clear, simple and distinct profile – with the aids and solutions we need to carry the baton together and succeed in future.

We also wish to praise Kind for its good advice, its clear communication and, not least, the good humour they have brought to our collaboration.” says Herman Friele, Chairman of the Board of the Friele Group.

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