Refinery store by TDC&Co, Cape Town – South Africa

May 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

The Refinery Brand was development for the Pepkor group, and is aimed at targeting the 18-35-year-old market by offering curated, considered, understated and authentic fashion in a calm, neutral store environment. The Brand’s purpose is to assist the Hero to fulfill an aspect of him or herself. In some cases, the brand personality is the actualized, empowered version of what the target market is seeking to be or do, and so, becomes a way-shower.

By utilizing recognizable and relatable elements and finishes, a neutral backdrop is created, resulting in a space where the product is hero. Neutral tones are juxtaposed against a strong denim offering, accentuated by focused and considered lighting. Materials left in their natural unfinished state echo the brand ethos while the subtle use of bold colours create a strong brand identity.

The brand makes a bold statement of calmness and “less is more” in an over-cluttered market space. By considering the power of everyday moments and simple truths expressed through the brand language, a holistic, honest brand experience and offering is provided in a quiet yet confident way.

Designed by TDC&Co
Photography by Kim Grant

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3 thoughts on “Refinery store by TDC&Co, Cape Town – South Africa

  1. Poppy says:

    Love the way the denim is presented in this store. Many shops leave their jeans in piles, and it can be really difficult to see the various styles.

  2. I am Zimbabwean and I was recently in Polokwane for family shopping. My family was really impressed with your brand to the extend that we ended up spending thrice as much as we had budgeted for on clothing. We made the purchases at the Mall of the North, the staff were fantastic. We have fallen in love with your designs.

  3. Michelle Du Preez says:

    Cataloge please

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