Toscana Grill by YoDezeen, Bucha – Ukraine

May 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

This restaurant with a long history has recently changed it’s name to Toscana Grill. For 8 last years of its existence it was a kind of country pub, a point of destination of mostly passing along drivers and passengers. It is located in the small and picturesque town Bucha in the suburbs of Kiev. Once the owners of the restaurant have taken a decision to transform the drive-in into a family restaurant for local public, they have applied to us for developing a new design concept for the space.

Our goal was to create a cosy place that would become a favourite place to spend time for families, couples and noisy get-togethers. The transformation has started with renovating of the façade by covering it with painting and facing with wooden bars. But we have mainly concentrated on updating an internal space. The entrance welcomes us with an enormous illuminated brazier that we have covered with steel sheets. We have divided the space in two areas – wine and beer rooms.

They have a completely different look and atmosphere. The wine room is surrounded with floor-to-ceiling reinforced mesh shelves hidden behind expanded metal lathing, where collections of exclusive wine and cognac will be displayed. We have furnished the space with elegant custom-made furniture. Indirect lighting provides a soft, radiant glow throughout the room. The is an absolute opposite to the previous room: an informal atmosphere, provides the feeling of being somewhere in the middle of a typical London bar.

In the center of this area we see a huge metal construction in the shape of house that can accommodate a numerous visitor group. Here interiors are enough loft-like with industrial furnishings and lighting fittings. The walls have been decorated with modern clip-art illustration showcasing process of brewing beer.

A spacious wine and beer cellar has refrigerators situated around the room while in the center of it we see a wooden butcher block illuminated with an affascinating chandelier with wineglass-like lights. This space provides two possibilities to the visitors to try different sorts of wine and beer, jerked meet and cheese and keep an unfinished bottle of wine in a personal safety wine box until the next visit.

Designed by YoDezeen
Photographs by Andrii Shurpenkov

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