OffWhite Office by Studio FAV, Bento Gonçalves – Brazil

May 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

This small space can be an office, an studio, an area to create and to produce, an space for comfortable meeting and to file functionally. It´s a dynamic space to enable multifunction jobs. Offwhite has a unique, exclusive and romantic service offering and it is in this space of comfort and transparency that shows and develops its super mental and manual creations.

The idea for the space’s atmosphere was soften the presence of furniture using the same shade of the painted walls and mark special points with woody tone. The identity is strengthened by the design of the dividing panels. The positioning of points of light creates shadows with this same design on the floor. The special charm are the shelves with leather straps and custom stickers on the walls that have been specially produced.

Designed by Studio FAV
Photography by Fernanda Fronchetti Photopoesia

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