Mr O hanger by Neri&Hu for Offecct

May 30th, 2016 by retail design blog

Chinese studio Neri&Hu has designed a minimal coat rack for Offecct that combines metal, leather and concrete.The Mr O hanger is made from tubular steel bent into a rectangular frame and finished in black, gold or copper. It rests on a circular base made from concrete and includes leather straps from which to hang bags. Swedish furniture brand Offecct approached Neri&Hu to design a clothes stand that would address the contrast between home and office use, prompting the studio to choose “details and materials that evoke the harmony between utilitarian and domesticity”.

According to the studio, reducing the size of the base also helped “domesticise” the rail’s appearance and lessen its contact with the floor. “The coat hanging structure is a celebration of the unadorned nondescript multipurpose furniture in its simplest and modest form,” said Neri&Hu, which recently designed a lattice of brass rods for the interior of a skincare shop in Seoul. “Like a servant, it does not crave for attention but in its utilitarian approach brings grace, beauty and usefulness to a household.” The hanger’s small base in particular posed a challenge for the studio, which had to experiment with subtle angle changes to ensure stability without compromising on the stand’s tall and thin shape.

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