Urbani Resort Vander lighitng by Buzzi & Buzzi, Ljubljana – Slovenia

June 2nd, 2016 by retail design blog

In the suggestive setting of Ljubljana’s old town centre, an exclusive illuminating engineering project by Buzzi & Buzzi – a leading lighting company from Lombardy – comes to life: the lighting of the prestigious Urbani Resort Vander.

Tradition and innovation, elegance and simplicity, design and one-of-a-kind details: for this project, Buzzi & Buzzi played with light, to create unique and exclusive settings thanks to luminous scenic designs perfectly integrated with the refined atmosphere of the Hotel.
The selected devices gave a new meaning to the environment, interacting with their spaces and opening them to a new dynamism. This project aimed at enhancing the architectures, giving more character to furniture and a new specific language to the rooms, thanks to a light that adds quality. The luminaires that were used for this project are 5, carefully selected depending upon their destined setting.

Inside rooms, Buzzi & Buzzi selected Pipedo Open, a wall luminaire able to create a general ambient light, welcoming yet not invasive. This same product, customized with the same finishing on the walls, became a real decorative element: the device is not hidden, but becomes a protagonist, enriching the spaces, playing with the furniture and the smooth shapes that characterize the rooms.

Pipedo Open is made of AirCoral®, a material created and patented by Buzzi & Buzzi that is not only eco-friendly, but has anti-bacterial, photocatalytic and anti-polluting properties, aiming to improve the quality of live of people living in the spaces Zen is installed in.

Two different lighting devices were installed alongside corridors, with equally important but distinct tasks: Lentil, a completely hidden recessed luminaire, made it possible to create suggestive and very useful luminous paths. Installed next to the entrance door, these products discreetly show the access point of the suite. Made of AirCoral®, they are perfectly integrated inside the walls they are placed in, creating unique plays of light.

Corridors are lighted up also by Sky, a ceiling luminaire that accurately highlights the linearity of the space. The silky and pure effect of AirCoral® emphasizes the minimalistic and elegant design of the devices, customizing spaces and projecting customers in a unique dimension.

Inside bathrooms, light becomes the protagonist thanks to Idroround, a recessed flush luminaire able to guarantee the right lighting while, at the same time, standing up to humidity, usually present in these environments. Idroround is made of Coral Water Out®, a material that keeps water from penetrating inside. The water-repellent effect will not be altered over time, since it is not due to a superficial finishing, but to an intrinsic feature of Coral Water Out®. Even without any maintenance, Coral Water Out® adds impermeability to the other typical characteristics of Coral® – long life, resistance and beauty.

Discreet and minimalistic, these products enhance the bathroom environment, making it intimate and relaxing. Lastly, to light up the Bar/Restaurant area, Buzzi & Buzzi selected Ecla, a ceiling recessed luminaire that helps enhancing the particular false ceiling and lending a good and diffused general illumination in the whole environment. Stilistically modern, these products come to the service of sensations and functionality, to offer unique emotions to customers.

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