Renuar flagship store by Bilgoray-Pozner, Ramat-Gan – Israel

June 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

The new Renuar flagship store, design by Bilgoray Pozner design studio, located in the Ayalon Mall in Ramat-gan covers over 600 square meters of shopping space. The store won the Israeli Ot Haitzuv design award for retail space design 2016. We wanted to create a dramatic and inviting store façade that utilizes the 7 meter façade height, so we designed three free standing custom MDF window displays that are detached from the façade frame and create an open feeling that invites the customer in. These window displays also act as collection displays inside the store.

4 large lit frameless images were placed on both sides of the store entrances that can be seen from afar and create a dramatic statement. The custom facade graphics and store ceiling and wall patterns were both created by a custom design parametric software created specifically for this store, and then were cut by CNC and hung from the exposed ceiling. 5 very large LED screens were located inside the store to create a dynamic shopping experience.

The store holds both men and women’s collections, so a dividing display wardrobe was placed in the center of the store, but in order to maintain the dramatic effect of the ceiling pattern we kept the wardrobe height low so the pattern in continuous from one side of the store to the other. Different collections within the store are differentiated by clusters of furniture, custom wardrobes, decorative lighting fixtures and floor rugs.

Photography by Lior Avitan

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