Bihar state pavilion at IITF 2015 by TOD innovations, New Delhi – India

June 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

Bihar pavilion was showcased in Indian International Trade Fair IITF Dec 2015. The pavilion is designed by Delhi based design studio ‘TOD Innovations Pvt. Ltd.’ on the event theme ‘Make In India’.

This exhibition celebrated transition of Bihar from its culturally captivating past to its enthusiastically energetic future using power, knowledge and resources as key elements. Three halls were designed around these key elements highlighting Bihar’s growth in each category to educate visitors in unique and interesting ways. Goal was to design incorporating popular local crafts of Bihar as a medium.

Outer façade was inspired from contemporary architecture with illustrations portraying the power of knowledge, people and natural resources in growth of Bihar. Illustrations used a triangular module made from a local craft called ‘Sikki’ which is made from weaving dried and died brightly colored grass on a background of dark grey cement board. The entrance decorated with ‘Sikki Chakras’ gave a bight glimpse of the colorful crafts of Bihar. The whole facade lights up in the evening bringing to life intricate designed details.

First hall themed knowledge had a large bamboo installation in the middle inspired form ‘Bodhi tree’s made from 20000 bamboos by 40 artisans. Fabric printed panels about the intellectual past of Bihar were installed around the hall.

Second hall is the ‘people hall’ where you can see the magic happening in front of you, live demonstrations was arranged from the artisans from Bihar to give its visitors a taste of their prosperous craft heritage. An attraction at the pavilion was a selfie booth where visitors could get themselves clicked with the symbol of the Make in India mascot ‘the lion’ that was cut out using a mirror so that people could see the potential in themselves. Logo used Mithila painting as its backdrop showcasing another famous art from the State.

The center hall is a stepped display of the best examples of production and industrial strengths of Bihar. A huge installation of paper Mache pendant lights above staircase was the highlight of this hall connecting to upper level. The upper level holds an exhibition where exhibitors from Bihar display their work in individual stalls for retail.

The pavilion presents a picture of modern Bihar and celebrates and commemorates the empowered past whose efforts has helped Bihar to take this leap into the future.

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