Bocadillo de Jamón y Champán restaurant by Lucas Hernández-Gil Arquitectos, Madrid – Spain

June 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

Founded in 2007 by Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, Lucas Hernández-Gil Arquitectos is a local-based architecture firm that works in projects that include and mix architecture, interiors, and graphic design, aiming to achieve a unique point of view.

By blending curiosity with intuition and function, they create a story for each project where all of its elements have a special place that fits and suits them best. For ‘Bocadillo de Jamón y Champán’, a restaurant located in Madrid, the studio took the gastronomic concept and designed a space with a natural but sophisticated atmosphere, developing a duality between raw and refined, both in the use of materials and the color palette.

Simultaneously, it has been integrated into the uniqueness of the context, a building constructed in the late nineteenth century in Malasaña, accompanied by the design of the establishment with a modernist touch. The sophisticated and festive world of champagne is referenced in the round shapes of the furniture and in the shine of the brass and blue materials of the bar. All these elements sit opposite to the raw and rosy tones of the walls and the floors. Tables, bar stools and lamps were specifically designed for the establishment by the firm.

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