RETROKIT eyewear store by Nordic Bros. Design Community, Seoul – South Korea

June 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

“RETROKIT” inspired by RETROROCKET, is an eyewear concept store which took its motif from a variety of needs situated at their extremes such as various cultures, past and future, and reverse and advance.

The designer worried about opinion and interpretation on the space of RETROKIT because the Seorae store designed with a topic of dissolution of height restarts moving to other place. He finished third Creative eyewear concept store? RETROKIT, Seorae store which is an extension of grandeur, the topic of a previous work, RETROKIT Hannam store.

The first draft set a space surrounded by columns as its concept issue reached a conclusion that this can be interpreted that RETROKIT is serving its high end products and thus, it is hard to communicate with its consumers and deliver its identity to them.

The second draft set stairs of a square as its goal and is designed based on space’s function and use by putting importance on letting the consumers enjoy RETROKIT products freely.

It focuses more on neon signs sticking to its original environment (Seorae Alley way) and considered to show the original appearance rather than adding something onto that. (Canopy and neon sign-walls are from the previous shop)

Its interior focused on using depth in space which has 12M length of the straight and dealt with fulfilling essential elements for RETROKIT Seorae store based on the 12M floor surface (stairs of a square) which is divided into three parts.

The ceiling is completed with exposing original demolished appearance and the floor is ended up with black epoxy. Also, in order to increase the completeness of the space, the display table is made out of concrete boxes so that it could reflect the RETROKIT’s desire to include polar elements, freedom and paradox.

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