Victoria collection by 7Gods

June 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

London based design company 7Gods has launched its new collection of astonishing pieces, which emphasises its geometric precision throughout. The whole collection makes a bold statement and creates depth in any interior, 7Gods collections are truly breath taking. The triangle grid system enables 7Gods to hand shape each piece to create organic forms, whilst maintaining a formal structure which naturally makes each piece unique. Light is bounced in different directions to illuminate the brass cavity, with light escaping, from the regimented gaps to create beautiful patterns on the ceilings and walls.

7Gods creative director Ronald Gomes said, “I have been fascinated by crystals ever since I was a child. Some crystals use triangular grid arrangements as the base. I wanted to create a structure that represents crystal growth without overly imitation the crystal shapes”. 7Gods Lighting uses a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials and design with sustainability in mind. More experimental pieces will use techniques such as 3D printing fabrication and space age materials, such as Carbon Fibre and Kevlar. Since 2000, 7Gods has been creating innovative architectural and interior design solutions for clients large and small from all over the globe. With bespoke & exquisite lighting being a key part of every interior project.

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