Heavn One lamp by HEAVN

June 24th, 2016 by retail design blog

We were inspired by nature when we developed the innovative office lighting of HEAVN. The lamp is not only lighting for the workplace but also imitates the ideal variation of the sun over the day. The thereby used therapeutic frequencies of the light activate the biorhythm and fosters health and productivity.

Nowadays, 70% of all working people find themselves in a setting of artificial light for more than six hours per day. Our body, however, is guided by natural light to control the hormone balance and the body functions. Constant stimulation by artificial light can have consequences as bad as metabolic problems, insomnia, depressions, concentration disorders, headaches, fatigue and increased stress.
HEAVN stabilizes the biorhythm naturally and helps provide a healthier working environment and increased productivity.

HEAVN solves issues right where they arise.
We are surrounded by artificial light at our workplace most of the time. Studies show that particularly the light of the often used fluorescent tube is effecting our biorhythm in a negative way. This is exactly why HEAVN made it to its mission to design the workplace healthier and to facilitate productivity both at the same time.

HEAVN fosters health
Few know that our health and mental condition is directly linked to the natural light in our surroundings. Cold, blue light activates our performance capability while warm, red light helps to relax. Our eyes even have specific receptors (intrinsic photosensitive g anglion cells) which perceive and identify highly diverse forms of daylight. This signals the brain which hormones are required by
our body and which body functions are important at this very moment. Static lighting in the office space sends unnatural and wrong signals to our brain and has a negative impact on our biorhythm.

HEAVN – soon to buy
The office lamp from HEAVN was concepted in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The biological effectiveness and technological innovation were the highest priorities during the development process. The lamp will be available on Kickstarter from June 21 2016 on. Manufacturing is scheduled in August and the first delivery will take place in September.

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