Due Point Financial Services Offices by Onepointzero & Karpinski Design, Johannesburg – South Africa

June 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

Onepointzero and Karpinski Design have designed the new offices of Due Point Financial Services located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The aim of the offices was to afford individuals the opportunity to add additional income without the usual concerns and costs of starting their own business.

The design of the office needed to reflect the aspirational nature of the clients while providing a calling card to visitors. JP Beukes of Onepointzero & Tom Karpinski of Karpinski Designs explain “the client’s vision demanded that we create an interior that both excited and reassured their business partners – the finishes needed to be top quality, modern but still with a sense of old school.” Walnut and Black Leather accent the dominant black and white theme. “A neutral palette gave us the base to expand from, glass provided the necessary surface to reflect the design and witness the evolving business dealings happening in the area. Transparency was key, with the line between the areas obscured by using various mullion details and tinted film” explains JP.

The space needed to be clearly defined between client area and back office without there being a distinction between the two. Featuring strongly on the client side was the need for numerous breakout areas and meeting rooms where business partners can host perspective clients both in a formal and informal setting. Among the priorities for the offices was the need for collaborative inclusion and informal communication, where all of the teams and management are able to view each other and discussions can be held throughout the office area, encouraging a shared view on ideas and strategies.

Design: Karpinski Design and Onepointzero
Photography: Mark Strydom


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