Lock & Be Free shop by Wanna One, Madrid – Spain

June 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Lock & Be Free, the first Spanish urban locker net, already opened its first shop, very close to the touristic street Gran Via in Madrid. Urban interiors based in two colors (yellow & white) that provides freshness and happiness. The target was to give shape to the brand concept “Leave your luggage, live the city” and to refresh the image of traditional lockers, located in narrow spaces in dark colors and with the lack of light.

The brand Universe of “Lock & Be Free” and its interior schema, combines trended colors and materials: white drilled metallic plates, yellow lockers combined with a rounded typography marking each of them with a letter and number, a floor in synthetic material with rounded shapes and a powerful set of lights that provides a positive energy.

All the materials combine two terminations; mate (floor) and shine (walls and lockers) this trick is able to provide a volume sensation to the shop, even than the real area has only 30 m2, thanks to this, it looks much bigger and you avoid the narrow sensation. The desk with the corporative brand, breaks the alongside shape of the shop and focus the flow of the clients.

All in this local is based in dialogue and good mood. For travellers that in live are “ Lost in translation”, the Wanna One studio has designed a signal code simple, based in icons that makes you able to guide yourself and be sure of the given options and services at any moment. Only in one sight, you can check the daily weather forecast of the area, the needed time of transit to the nearest Airport and the cost of different services.

For the main entrance façade, it was not possible to make many esthetic changes due to the fact that it is protected by Madrid’s Council and modifications were not allowed. Only a flag and a sign with the “Lock & Be Free” brand was allowed by the authorities.

Architects: Wanna One
Architect in Charge: Esther Mengual, Cathy Figueiredo
Photographs: CaulinPhoto


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