La Bottega Trattoria restaurant by Sestini & Corti, Geneva – Switzerland

June 27th, 2016 by retail design blog

La Bottega Trattoria is a restaurant in the center of Geneva, at Rue de la Corraterie 21, a step away from the old town. La Bottega Trattoria welcomes its guest in a dining area with direct view over the open kitchen while at the first floor there a cozy room for private events flanked by special and stylish wine cellar. Sestini & Corti has been chosen among many others in order to create a unique cozy and contemporary atmosphere, with the aim to enhance the ambience saving the main architecture elements belonging to the building itself like the numerous very large windows facing the street and the high ceilings.

The result of the project is a fusion of industrial elements, reclaimed materials like wooden planks for the tables or the old Tuscan terracotta bricks, very modern and clean lines for the iron/glass cabinets and concept spaces like the incredible and unique wine cellar. La Bottega Trattoria is a unique restaurant of its kind in the prestigious Swiss city, not only for the care and excellence of the food but also for the atmosphere, thanks to the care of every small detail and a constant balance between elegance and simplicity.

The Space:
From the very beginning the challenge of the project was to give a new life to an ambience that has never really enhanced, creating a new a elegant, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. In the main room a beautiful large stained glass window was made to separate the kitchen from the dining area, giving the possibility to see the chefs at work. On each side of it we have customly created two cabinets entirely made of iron and glass, back illuminated by LED to enhance goblets and glasses of all shapes. The rest of the walls have been covered with old tuscan terracotta bricks with surfaces aged by the years.

The Furnitures:
The tables, of different various shapes and sizes, have plans in reclaimed wood and oxidized iron bases while the wall benches and the chairs are upholstered with genuine black florentine leather. In the foreground a private room for exclusive events where a table of about 3 meters length of solid oak is the undisputed star. Next to this room, a unique wine cellar made with over 250 recycled wooden drawers that work as shelf for several hundred prestigious and exclusive wine labels. The cellar is walled in glass, offering the possibility of an inside view from the street below. A sophisticated climate control allows to automatically darker the glasses in the hottest days to guarantee the right temperature for the wines.

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