Harrods Summer of Sport window installation by SFD, London – UK

July 3rd, 2016 by retail design blog

To celebrate a summer packed with global sporting events – including Euro 2016, The Olympic Games, Wimbledon – Harrods planned a ‘Summer of Sport’ window installation to occupy all 15 windows on Harrods’ Brompton Road side. sfd was commissioned to design, build and install the concept centred around the various sporting events in 2016 and using fashion and sporting products available at Harrods.

Layered translucent materials and nostalgic school lockers formed the backdrop to the scheme, with neon strip lights reflecting the colours of the Olympic rings illuminating the window and the props. The neon lights were used in a variety of ways, from inside the lockers to being held by the mannequins as batons, bringing vibrant life to the scheme. ‘Untamed’ mannequins by Nude, sfd’s mannequin division, brought a sense of gymnastics to some windows, adding more movement and interest into the mix.

Taking over the whole Brompton Road stretch of windows, the ‘Summer of Sport’ installation has a great impact with its use of colour and consistency. Some of the world’s most prominent fashion and sportswear brands are labelled along the windows. The window is eye-catching both day and night, with its use of movement, light and colour.

Sporting events always create a huge surge in interest in the particular sports and Harrods will attract the attention of shoppers whose curiosity has been spiked by these events, but will then introduce them to the products in the window once their attention has been gained. The nature of the sportswear product used will also average a lower price than most of the fashion product normally used in Harrods’ windows.

Sports-influenced fashion is a major market now and has been a key trend for the last few seasons. This will also be a key driver in customer interest, especially to those unaware that Harrods’ product offer extends to sporting goods and sportswear.

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