Mini K restaurant by Ontology Studio, Taipei – Taiwan

July 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

The ambiance of Mini K restaurant, defers from its brother Major K, makes you feel like drinking here after work with your friends. Both of the restaurants were designed by Ontology Studio. Mini K and Major K feature the “new Korean style restaurant” in Taipei, making it possible to have a relaxing and fashionable Korean meal without worrying the smoke and the smell that can attach to your clothes. Major K locates in the exclusive area in the city.

It serves classy à la carte meal and features icy grey color tone across the whole interior design. On the other hand, mini K, the second restaurant of the owner, locates in an energetic commercial area where young people gather to have fun with their friends, and provides set-meals with a reasonable price. To make the place younger and more relaxing, the designer use more wood and added a little drop of bright color by placing a set of modern style red iron chairs. Designer also sets orange spot lights to bring out the mood, encouraging people to have a nice chat here.

a. To make the space more private and relaxing for dining, designer uses grey glass as long as black iron mesh in the front. They also carry out the charming dim light from the inside.
b. Adapting to different occasions in day/night hours, the lights is set to have 2 modes, bright and dim, providing atmosphere for lunch with friends/ happy hour after work.
c. The designer separates the private room with the outside space by using floor board of a darker color.
d. The designer decorates the wall of the private room with black-and –red acoustic board, which is not only practical but also chic.

Photo by Joe Wu

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