Gentle Menswear Store by AC studio, Wenzhou – China

July 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

Gentle Menswear brand is a sleek modish line under China’s leading menswear group KALTENDIN. The brand was established in 2001 and currently has undergone a rebranding process to keep pace with the new wave of Chinese fashion scene. The first store of the line to undertake the new image design is located in the Mixc mall of Wenzhou city, where it’s one of the most vibrant city in the southeast coast of China. The store occupied more than 200 sqm in third floor of the mega shopping mall.

The theme of the interior design is based heavily on the clothing brand’s mission philosophy: simplicity, modern, accessible luxury. The finished store has a super modern and minimal look on the facade and a logical spacious shopping environment inside. The interior can be characterized by masculine shapes, clean cuts and a palette of polished monochromes and understated neutral hues.

Designer Alessandra Deidda makes the middle prop looks like an independent story platform for visual merchandising on its own, but together they elaborate the varieties of the store in a full extent. The smoky glasses with the LED lighting effects on the window catch the eyes of the bystanders. Blending contemporary art inspirations in sharp shapes highlight a minimalistic approach, this facade result in a sleek and sophisticated style.

Designed by Alessandra Deidda of AC studio

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