GENERAL SUPPLY store and café, Nagoya – Japan

July 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

GENERAL SUPPLY – a newly opened store and café celebrating design in Nagoya, Japan. GENERAL SUPPLY offers a closely curated selection of original pre-industrial – mid-century furnishings as well carefully selected contemporary design items for the home and a creative lifestyle.

As well as featuring antiques GENERAL SUPPLY’s unique merchandising including books (vintage and new), art and photography, unique items of curiosity as well as their own production including high-quality leather goods and home accessories. They also hand select and import contemporary design merchandise including brands such as Serax, Falcon, Wild and Wolf, House Doctor and Broste.

Showcasing design, GENERAL SUPPLY retails products imported from around the world and has been given explicit permission from Japan Institute of Design Promotion to carry a section of Good Design Award winning products – most of these items are sourced and produced in Japan and represent the best of Japanese designs, awarded the G-Mark for their excellence and long-lasting designs.

A large feature of GENERAL SUPPLY is the artful creation of their “verdure” assortment of merchandise. Houseplants of all varieties, carefully chosen and matched with vintage or locally sourced ceramic pots fill the space of GENERAL SUPPLY. This fresh greenery brings life to all interior design and showcases the remarkable creativity of nature itself.

GENERAL SUPPLY café serves organic drip and cold brewed coffee, created with care. The café also carries a variety of artisanal baked goods, healthy snacks and smoothies creating an environment, with books to read that encourages its patrons to relax, study and cultivate their creative interests. GENERAL SUPPLY is building a creative community with monthly design workshops; teaching varied subjects from flower arranging to home crafts and raw-food preparation. GENERAL SUPPLY aims to be much more than a store – a beacon for design and creativity and a base for the innovational community.

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