Aesop store by Torafu Architects, Sendai – Japan

August 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

Torafu Architects have shared their latest interior design of Aesop Sendai in Japan. Having already realized a store in Osaka, this one is distinguished by the slatted timber panel system that wraps and forms the walls which have been used create a warm and inviting atmosphere to entice people inside.

The store itself is compact and measures only at 6 meters by 7.8 meters wide. Torafu Architects left the shopfront completely open, meanwhile the product display is embedded into the panelled walls. The back subtly frames and separates the retail space and the sink. Sitting at the floorplan’s heart -similar in every aesop around the world- is a large sink made of steel. The feature allows for private consultations between customer and staff to take place in a single shared space.

Photography by Takumi Ota

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