Escala Entramada – Wireframe Plot installation by TACADI, Buenos Aires – Argentina

August 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

This festival took place during the weekend of May 21 and 22 in Buenos Aires. It was a joint initiative between the Design District of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the Argentinian Wood Chamber (CADAMDA), together with DArA (Associated Argentinian Interior Designers).

More tan 15.000 people enjoyed the 21 works placed around Floralis Generica, at the United Nations Square, thus celebrating the positive impact of design on the City. These works were developed by multidisciplinary teams, integrated by designers (industrial, interior, graphic and garment), architects, artists, carpenters and others.

On Saturday evening, through the walking path that surrounds the flower, several models paraded wearing artistical pieces of garment totally wooden, according to the motiv of the festival. The United Nations Square (Floralis Generica) was the scenario of an authentic design celebration, which was completed by a wide variety of food trucks, accompanied by the best dj sets.

Escala Entramada (Wireframe Plot), is a site-specific project which plays with fulls and empties. It is the result of a series of morphological and structural experimentations, which lead to define this 3D grid structure.

It is a study based upon the relationship between human scale, the city and public space. The scale contrast between the Floralis and the grid becomes evident when visitors enter the scene. A dichotomy is generated, posed by the position assumed with respect to the relationship between one structure and the other.

Using a generic module (2” wooden bars) as ruling element, different combinations and junction systems were generated. The main objective was to find a strong and simple junction system that could solve the mooring point of three bars. Experimentation focused on various space configurations, aiming to create a containing and inclusive structure. Generating a permeable, livable and interactive space.

The small wooden figures placed inside the structure represent its inhabitants. Coexisting with real people they generate the dichotomy and contrast of scales intended. Empties and fulls, create supporting surfaces which invite visitors to introduce themselves into Escala Entramada, and live it!

Authors: TACADI – Taller Contemporáneo de Arquitectura y Diseño Industrial
Arch. Jerónimo Fanelli
Industrial Designer Bea Palacio
Arch. Mecha Palacio
PH: Santiago Lopes
Graphic Design: G.D. Vanina Goldstein
Fashion Design: Olivia Fanelli + Carola Stevani
Photography: Santiago Lopes

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