Shop Systems branding and corporate design by Konrad Knoblauch

August 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

Shop Systems is a developer and manufacturer of modular shop fitting systems. The new corporate design was launched in July 2016 covering a new logo type with claim, business cards, compliment cards, letter/note paper, stickers, website and a mailing card. Everything is focused on a black and white color scheme. The initials of the company name Shop Systems are symbolized by an abstracted S which is used as a blind embossing throughout the complete stationary. The idea is based on the two points of view emerging when visiting a store: first the inwards view through the window and then the outwards view while being inside the shop.

The claim “parts for your identity” emphasizes the requirement towards a shop fitting system. Planning sales rooms is all about the details. Stories are told. The company or the brand are presented. There are themes, product promises and seasonal campaigns. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Almost. There comes a point when the goods have to be placed along the wall. If possible, so that nobody sees it. A contradiction? Not at all. The Shop Systems products are designed to suit the corporate design of the store or brand and with high standards of functionality and technology. The system becomes a supporting and almost invisible part of the brand.

Designed by Konrad Knoblauch

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