Caffè Luigi by Agence Thomas Lavigne, Nantes – France

August 13th, 2016 by retail design blog

Agence Thomas Lavigne collaborated with the creators of the Italian Caffè Luigi to make a restaurant that makes you travel. We had to dive into the Italy word, investigate its way of life, to create a unique universe in a historic district of Nantes. The layout project proposed by Agence Thomas Lavigne imagine differents dining areas as different temporality and different Italian living places. The outdoor terrace, real festive place with dancing fairy lights and Italy’s colors already invite passersby to enter the restaurant universe.

An area of high tables makes link between the outside and the inside of the restaurant. The choice fell on marble trays and a mix of metal and wood seats that echo the huge custom-made furniture for grocery sales of Italian products. In keeping with the bar back and the bar sky creates a monumental and colorful space. A tiled with a worn tint adorn with the dynamism the bar dress. Functional and welcoming, this bar is one of the centerpiece of the restaurant.

We later discovered a small room with elaborated walls, letting the building stones appears. Warm and intimate, it offers comfortable seatings with a view of the lively terrace. In the middle of restaurant you access an easier dedicated groups space bring themselves immersed in an Italian living room to share pizzas by a row of large overhang mirrors. Finally, the back room has been thought as a garden courtyard of sunny Italy. Imitation tile in clay and stone were chosen to immerse guests in an authentic Italian garden.

Photography by Tangi Le Bigot

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