Forbo Flooring showroom by Pope Wainwright & Wykes, London – UK

August 13th, 2016 by retail design blog

PWW have been working with Forbo Flooring to transform their showroom and set a new standard for the brand, differentiating them from their competition. By taking a different approach, PWW have designed a space for a simplified user experience that structures the showroom and organises the products in a strategic way that enhances visibility and improves sales.

The Forbo space stands out from the other white, minimalistic showrooms around Clerkenwell in London, with black walls and a strong use of the brand colour blue. An arrangement of staggered lighting is designed to draw the customer through the space, towards the back of the showroom with a sole blue wall boldly framing Forbo’s logo. Both the ON&ON shelving and Forbo’s logo are lit up at night, promoting and drawing attention to the showroom 24 hours a day.

The front of the showroom features the core product range designed for browsing and discovery, with the middle of the showroom featuring a collaboration area. This has an open set-up, designed to give customers a more in-depth explanation of the products and a better understanding of the functional and aesthetic features.

Working with Forbo, PWW identified problems that customers experienced whilst distinguishing products in their extensive portfolio of over 2000 innovative floor coverings. Through simplifying these choices, PWW organised the samples into five core groups, showcasing the various product ranges. An additional three smaller category groups were included to further help with visual arrangement and organising structure. The product range is easier to understand, allowing for a more detailed and interactive view for the customer.

PWW’s primary objective was to draw attention to the details of the showroom through open and functional design, allowing the product ranges to represent the company in a space that they can own. PWW are continuing to work with Forbo with a confident approach to create a memorable brand experience that represents the company and increases brand awareness. Describing PWW’s collaboration, Forbo’s Manager Director Angus Fotheringhame said, “In all my years at Forbo I haven’t seen anyone think about selling our products in so much detail”.

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