Huawei Global ICT office by Codex, Dublin – Ireland

August 13th, 2016 by retail design blog

Huawei Global ICT Corporation’s Dublin (Ireland) office has been designed and fitted out by Codex, Ireland’s leading office solutions supplier. The brief outlined that the project should reflect the collegial and fun working atmosphere that Huawei espouses and create a colourful open plan workspace that demonstrates innovation, vibrancy and collaborative thinking. Inspired by the shape and colour of Huawei’s logo, which represents movement and communication, Codex’s winning design concept focused on creating a stimulating and interactive workspace environment. This theme and ethos was used throughout all the conceptualised areas.

Apart from the open plan office space which had to cater for 32 people, the project encompasses several other functions such as an interactive reception area, a fully equipped kitchen, UPS room for lab and IT requirements, large and small meeting rooms, conference rooms, file room and printing area, an experience centre and a relaxation area. Huawei wanted to enhance productivity, stimulate creativity and cultural exchange and impress the importance of the Huawei brand. The design approach therefore was to create Huawei with a dynamic, fluid space with versatile working environments, some fixed and some flexible, suiting the various ways contemporary culture communicates.

Branding is subtely integrated into the colour scheme without attempting to be overly Corporate. Red characterises the Huawei logo and green was used to symbolise its Irish operation. The scheme veers away from front of house/ back of house traditions of the past. Instead of designing on a Taylorist agenda of control, we have focused on developing a Burolandschaft paradigm, merging it with new technologies to install a staff oriented space. This promotes concepts of flat management open to ideas and not closed off by hierarchy.

This design solution demonstrates a new way of thinking about corporate office environments, achieved by prioritising the creation of a beautiful work environment without compromising the necessary functionalities of the work space. The variety in design manifestations of this approach is at times playful and at other times more serious, creating a range of thought and action planes. This promotes movement and diversity, interaction and communication, whilst placing a trust with the companies greatest asset – the innovation of staff.

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