Rimini Rimini installation by Giulio Iacchetti / Internoitaliano, Munich – Germany

August 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

In the historic Schrannenhalle Market halls of EATALY in Munich, designer Giulio Iacchetti / Internoitaliano realized ‘Rimini Rimini’, a temporary installation dedicated to the theme of the classic German summer vacation in Italy.

Commissioned by the restaurant Adriatico, Giulio Iacchetti / Internoitaliano drew influence from summers along the Adriatic coast in the resort town of Rimini, an area of the country beloved and often frequented by German visitors. Illustrated by a double file of 25 red and white striped umbrellas suspended above the halls of EATALY and directing the gaze of the customer/visitor to the mezzanine.

The distribution of beach chairs, sun umbrellas, and beach bar food typical of the northern Italian Adriatic coast has also been used. The installation extends to the restaurant’s seating area where the design of the tablecloths is coordinated with the menus, and the uniforms of the serving staff resemble the vivid but simple colors of the ceramics and rust prints of the Romagna region.


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