The Student Hotel by …,staat, Groningen – Netherlands

August 17th, 2016 by retail design blog

Nestled in the grassy plains of the Netherlands’ far north, the sleepy town of Groningen has become the country’s newest academic hotspot for foreign students. In little over a decade their numbers have soared sevenfold, from 717 in 2004, to a whopping 5,118 last year, and arrivals are expected to increase by 400 to 500 students annually in the near future.

The Student Hotel, a design-led hospitality format geared towards this brainy demographic, has cleverly anticipated the accelerated growth in the low countries, and has just opened its fourth property up north, following earlier launches in the country’s better known education hubs of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague.

Wedged in between the historic heart of the city and the university medical centre, the property is the chain’s first puprose-built structure, and features 365 rooms spread over eight floors. The well-designed pads come in four categories, and provide all-inclusive short-stay and long-stay options for students, and regular stays to other guests.

But the appeal of The Student Hotel’s newest outpost, designed by Amsterdam-based agency …,staat, is anchored by the total package it offers – very similarly to its sister establishments. The hotel’s facilities seamlessly complement its primary objective, and includes workspaces, a library, and a game area where to chill, play, or get some work done.

Also to be found on the ground floor are four differently sized classrooms or event spaces, suitable for just about any occasion imaginable. Another trump card, and very much The Student Hotel’s buzzing social hub, is bar + restaurant The Pool. Conceptualized as a semi-separate gastronomic entity, it was first introduced at The Student Hotel Amsterdam City, and has now found its way up north.

The diner aims to be an informal meeting place for hotel guests and locals alike, serving breakfast, lunch, a loosely mediterranean-inspired dinner menu, and last but not least, killer cocktails that’ll keep you happily hydrated until the wee little hours. Any overindulgence can easily be undone at the hotel’s well-equipped gym.

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