Thakoon store by Giancarlo Valle, New York City

September 10th, 2016 by retail design blog

Fashion designer Thakoon Panichgul has literally come a long way. Hailing from Thailand, he arrived stateside at a young age and initially gained a degree in business administration before entering Parsons School of Design in New York City. Fast forward to 2016: Thakoon is an established brand in the international fashion arena, but Panichgul has plotted a different business model, one that steers clear from fashion’s rigid seasonal cycles and instead focused exclusively on online sales.

However, Panichgul knows the tremendous value of a brick and mortar presence, and has included the opening of a Thakoon boutique in New York City in his rebooted operations. The store is situated amidst high-end peers on Wooster street in Soho, and occupies 2,500 sq.ft. [232 sqm.] ground floor unit of a lowrise structure built in 1900.

The interior design, created by Giancarlo Valle. The New York-based architect thoroughly redeveloped the premises, retaining pivotal architectural elements such as the steel support beams, while inserting white oak-framed fixtures on either side to add a heightened sense of intimacy to the voluminous space. Walls are covered in concrete, artfully applied of course, adding another subtle accent to the setting.

Furnishings are few, but are obviously picked to create a stunning visual effect. We’re specifically talking the pendant light fixtures by Michael Anastassiades, vonnegut/kraft benches and sculptural slabs of marble that serve as displays. Also situated on the premises of the new Thakoon store, at the rear to be precise, is the designer’s very own atelier.

Interior design: Giancarlo Valle
Photography: Naho Kubota

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