Branding for Stevenson Systems by Socio Design

September 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Stevenson Systems are a Space Accountancy firm based in Los Angeles, USA. Founded by Peter L. Stevenson in 1986, they have been instrumental in shaping the industry by unifying the understanding of commercial measurement between architects and developers.

Stevenson Systems approached Socio to create a new brand identity that would solidify their reputation as global leaders in the Space Accounting field and future proof the business from competing firms.

A key requirement of the business strategy was to highlight the full range of services on offer that go beyond measuring buildings. To achieve this, we created a new mission statement of ‘Discovering Hidden Value’. This helped to suggest that the true benefit of their services lay in the opportunities a landlord was afforded from their consultation and management services after measurement.

We designed a new marque that referenced the three dimensional properties of architectural spaces through a stacked isometric ’S’. This was complemented by a custom logotype with matching line weights, drawn to highlight the precision of laser measurement.

The new mission statement was developed into the identity system through a mono linear graphic device that visually communicated the role of measurement in the discovery of ‘value’. These elements were unified by a palette of Amethyst and Real Grey Colorplan papers to give an architectural but technical quality to the brand.

On completion of the brand identity we worked with Stevenson Systems to design and build a website as well as art directing a new photographic style. This lead to a new digital presence that better represented their aims and expertise whilst providing a platform for future growth.
Designer: Socio Design
Photography: Oli Douglas

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