Mind Makers coding school by Studio dLux, São Paulo – Brazil

September 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

The São Paulo-based studio was commissioned to design the first unit of Mind Makers brand. Mind Makers is a coding school for children between 7 and 12 years old. Studio dLux was in charge to build up a funny and colorful environment for the kids, bringing the whole idea that coding could be done by the youth. The 300m2 building was a hair saloon before Studio starts the project. The site is now composed by the reception, 2 classrooms, a coworking space for the children’s parents, administration and a meeting room. All that is united by a corridor with a big parametric wood ceiling making up a big movement.

With natural light and cool wood lighting fixtures, brightness is introduced with the brand’s vivid colours, that can be seen in the wall paintings and furniture. Laminated wood is also an important and notorious detail that brings a young and fresh environment. The classrooms are also a good example of how design can be helpful for education. All the furniture was designed and produced for the brand, so the monitor panels and tables can be moved so the classroom can have different configurations.

Designed by Studio dLux
Photography by Alessandro Guimarães

The facade of the school is composed by a huge orange panel usinated in a cnc machine, with the drawing of the raspberry circuits, the ones that the children uses in the classes. Also, at night, the facade has a backlighting that can be controlled by an app by the students.

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