La Tablée by Alcmea Architectes, Nantes – France

October 1st, 2016 by retail design blog

Located on the French Atlantic coast, La Tablée is the first restaurant of the famous French cannery La Belle Iloise.
This unique concept created by Alcmea Architectes shows off the tradition of the brand.

This unique concept created by Alcmea Architectes shows off the tradition of the brand. In reusing an eviscerating table and in decorating the ceiling with actual sails or tin labels, the restaurant transports its guests to an imaginary cannery on the waterfront.

The photographs of the founding family lining the walls imparts a sense of tradition on the modernity resulting from the concrete floor tiles used for the bar and colored table legs. La Tablée manages to balance the warmth of the wood that evokes a feeling of friendliness, with geometric patterns and allusions to the contemporary Bleu Saphir, as a response to the urban life demand.

Several spaces offer to the guests the possibility to taste a wide variety of tinned food based dishes, depending on the weather: a terrace for tapas, a bar for snacking, a dining room for dinner.

Design: Alcmea Architectes
Photography: Franz Renanjoly

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