M-P grip camera by Rolf Sachs + Leica

October 16th, 2016 by retail design blog

Multi disciplinary artist Rolf Sachs and renowned camera brand Leica have put their heads together to present the Leica M-P (type 240) “grip”. The latest addition to the Leica M-System line, the camera combines top of the range photographic capability with functional artistic flair. No stranger to photography, Sachs’ extensive artisic practice has provided him with more a bit of hands on experience of what it takes to keep a hold on your camera: his most recent work explores the relationship between landscape and speed in a series of photos snapped from a moving train.

Produced in a strictly limited global run of only 79 copies, the Rolf Sachs designed camera is a glamorous addition to Leica’s traditionally humbe (but powerful) lineup. An artist known for repurposing materials in often surprising and playful ways, Sachs undertook extensive investigation into what textile would provide optimal grip for the avid photographer. Interestingly, the bright red band that wraps the body of the camera is created using “ping pong” rubber, a material most commonly found on the handle of table tennis bats.

These tiny red stubbles add a practical tactility to the camera, while simultaneously adding a vibrant splash of the artist’s trademark color, nicely complimenting the Leica logo. The same red is used in minute embellishments elsewhere, as eye-catching scarlet engravings help to highlight the various functional controls of the design.

Purchasers can also look forward to a set of rolf sachs accessories specific to the camera: a bespoke wooden toothbrush for cleaning in between the bristles and a natural goat brush “straubpinsel” for cleaning the glass. The piece also come packaged with a Leica standard lens, black cotton strap and SF 40 flash.

“For many photographers over many years, the Leica M has been a passionate love affair!” says Rolf. “Its functionality and iconic design attracts me as an artist and an avid user. I am thrilled for the opportunity to “undress” the camera and create a new look, surprising as much as functional. Applying a material that has never before been used as an easy-to-grip camera surface, created a striking aesthetic and a unique tactility.’

Design: Rolf Sachs


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