Armani/Privé club, Milan – Italy

October 20th, 2016 by retail design blog

The name Giorgio Armani is synonymous to Milan’s reputation as a global fashion capital, and as the top creative honcho of his empire, he’s undoubtedly put his stamp on the city. Profusely acclaimed for his skills in fashion design, Armani hasn’t stopped there, and branched out with a growing number of hospitality venues across the globe. Not surprisingly, he has bestowed his homebase Milan with a number of sleekly designed downtown venues. One of those hospitality concepts combines the co-owned Nobu restaurant, opened in 2000 and still a fave among well-heeled milanesi, with an adjacent club called Armani/Privé. The latter venue has recently been given a thorough make-over by the designer and his team of architects, featuring a new interior design and configuration that makes it appear more spacious than its actual 640 sqm. [6,889 sq.ft.]. a new logo in the shape of a lit lantern discreetly beckons its patrons at the entrance, while a new and exclusive entrance around the corner on Via Manzoni has been created for V.I.P. guests.

Indoor access via Nobu restaurant remains available. The club now boasts a lounge with a central bar and dance floor, in addition to a second, more intimate bar area. The chosen palette is monochromatic and sensual, comprising of tones of gold and bronze, captured by luxurious materials and sleek design. Two imposing bar counters dominate the space with backlit tops, covered with sleek bronze-finish brass, and the dance area has its own DJ booth. Sophisticated lighting contributes a great deal to the atmosphere, created largely by backlit wall panels that have been embellished by gold metallic mesh. The space is dotted with a compatible range of furniture pieces, including tables, again with backlit tops, contoured armchairs covered in gold leather and scatter cushions. The Armani/Privé club is open from September through June, and presents a rotating schedule of both italian and international deejays that keep you entertained until the wee small hours.

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