Marbleised Paint Designs by Murals Wallpaper

October 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Inject some sophisticated, artistic flair into your home with these incredibly captivating marbleised wallpaper murals. The intricacy and kaleidoscopic beauty of these marbleised designs hypnotise whilst delivering some seriously stylish interior inspiration. Marbleising, which traditionally involves using absorbent papers to pick up ink from a water bath dates to the twelfth century. Now, you can have your own gorgeous, modern day designs that inspire and make a big impression.

The murals, which are designed and sold by Murals Wallpaper, utilise modern digital printing techniques and capture the marblised paint effects through HD photography. Your print can then be hung just like normal wallpaper, and makes a stunning impact.

Designed by Murals Wallpaper

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