Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne at Fujin Tree by JSC design studio, Taipei – Taiwan

November 1st, 2016 by retail design blog

Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne at Fujin Tree is located behind a park in a quiet neighborhood, that naturally provides an atmosphere of welcome and relaxation. One of the aspirations of the restaurant is to create a blend of traditional Taiwanese culture and western contemporary culture.

The mystery and privacy are preserved by a 1.5-meter wall. Between the wall and the indoor dining space, is the our outdoor dining area. It is inspired by traditional Chinese garden. The representative elements from Chinese Shan Shui Paintings- pruned trees, green bushes, climbing vines, and small mounds covered with soft mosses are sophisticatedly arranged. The pitched roof is partially covered with clear glass. It is designed to instill a touch of traditional Chinese Siheyuan. Every day, The sun shines through the roof and casts tree shadows. The open space creates a perceptual image of nature dedicatedly.

Although the construction is based on modern materials, our intention was to create an old, antique effect. Detailed used marks which were deliberately made could be seen everywhere in the restaurant. The door frames were applied with gray baking varnish and a layer of black cement paint which was then scrubbed. The bold, colorful, and faintly stained concrete wall complements the environment and arouses shared childhood memories as if every stain on the wall is telling a different story.

Each angle of Taiwanese Cuisine & Champagne at Fujin Tree is designed to serve a certain purpose. And the diversity of used materials gives the impression of delicacy and sleekness. If spending a whole day in the restaurant, one would find surprisingly that at different moments of a day, shadows would play different parts in different places, and they would always appear unexpectedly and beautifully.

Designed by Shihchieh Jeng + Chiungwen Chang / JSC design studio

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