MNKY HSE restaurant by Keane Brands, London – UK

November 9th, 2016 by retail design blog

Award winning, Keane Brands are the design company behind a new funky Vibe-Dining bar, MNKY HSE that opened in Mayfair earlier this week. The new restaurant opened on the site of the iconic Dover Street Wine Bar, bringing a vibrant blend of London style and Latin American spirit to Mayfair. MNKY HSE will be housed over two floors, with an intimate bar and lounge area upstairs and an eclectic restaurant downstairs – with an intimate bar / lounge area upstairs, and a stylish restaurant downstairs that will evolve into a very different, night-time setting.

Aidan Keane, of Keane Brands describes the design as “cheeky, playful and mysterious”. He adds:- “ We wanted to create something that had polish and edge. That felt good in a posh frock and even better in a party dress. A design scheme that shimmered and shone but also had enough edge and grit to make it feel exciting.” Quirky, decorative features will include a series of design elements that will transform as the night goes on.

The upstairs restaurant and bar will boast a sleek look; with dark-wooden parquet flooring, a Murano crushed Chandelier in the lobby, 3D-honeycomb back-wall and leather-clad banquette style seating, perfect for business meetings, long lunches and evening drinks. Downstairs, an open plan kitchen will overlook banquette seating that will be adjustable to accommodate dancing and encourage table-hopping.

A series of private booths, perfect for larger bookings, will be built into artistically designed Vaults, covered with vintage steel lift doors. There will also be a spacious bar lounge to enjoy the downstairs entertainment. Serving high-quality, contemporary Latin American food and drink, alongside live music and DJ performances – with Pablo Peñalosa Nájera manning the stoves – previously at the Four Seasons in Bogatà and Morimoto in Mexico City.

Expect contemporary Latin American food “combining traditional elements of Latin American cuisine with modern British seasonal ingredients.” Both floors will house a stage to host international and resident DJs and act as a creative platform for MNKY HSE’s house band and other live musicians and performers. Lively and eclectic entertainment will be integral to MNKY HSE’s unique offering. With a late license and dining capacity that exceeds 220 pax, MNKY HSE is the one to watch in this Year of the Monkey.

Design: Keane Brands

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