Uncommon Market by Guille García-Hoz and Alejandro Martínez, Mexico City – Mexico

November 11th, 2016 by retail design blog

The Common People concept store set new standards in Mexico City’s retail landscape when it first opened its doors in 2010. Sourcing an eclectic range of contemporary lifestyle goods from across the planet, and presenting these in playfully created surrrounds not only pulled the Mexican capital’s hipster demographic to its doorstep in droves, but also got noticed far beyond the city limits.

And now, following the launch of an additional men’s emporium almost three years ago, Common People’s co-founder Monika Biringer has expanded yet again with a new third outpost in Polanco, the leafy neighbourhood where it all began for the company. Situated in an urban villa opposite the lush greens of Parque Lincoln, the so-called Uncommon Market is an even more ambitiously set up concept store, boasting 750 sqm. of retail space.

Biringer collaborated closely with interior and set designer Guille García-Hoz, stage designer Alejandro Martínez, and last but not least, her brother Esteban Biringer and mother Gabriela Biringer, and this joint effort has resulted in no less than fifteen playfully designed sections. Each is loosely inspired by quaint little shops from the old world – and accordingly, they bear names such as pescadería, carnicería, and floristería – and beautifully designed wallpaper is a pivotal element of the aesthetic.

Offering its savvy clientele a total lifestyle experience, Uncommon Market not only stocks a curated mix of high-end and premium men’s and women’s apparel, accessories and shoes, such as Rick Owens, Oak, Y-3, Vivienne Westwood, and Fenty x Puma, but the premises are also home to an eyewear section, a sneaker hall, a beauty salon with a cosmetics and fragrances section, a kids department, and to indulge shoppers on a totally different level, a barber shop, a shisha bar and a café are readily available to unwind in comfort in between power shopping sprees.

To further engage with its following, Uncommon Market is to stage an ongoing program of brand activations, jazz gigs, outdoor film screenings and plenty of other events.

Design: Guille García-Hoz and Alejandro Martínez


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