Rösttrommel coffee shop by Neoos Design, Erlangen – Germany

November 16th, 2016 by retail design blog

In the city of Erlangen, Germany, Neoos Design Architects have designed the 3rd of the “Rosttrommel” coffee shops in Bavaria. “Rosttrommel” (meaning “the roasting drum”) is a small successful coffee roasting company, which opened in 2010 with a small shop in the old town of Nurnberg.

Situated in the heart of Erlangen, in an old building, this new coffee shop is a narrow and long space, with original wooden beams, very low ceilings, and has a small courtyard in the middle.

Inspiration for the colour palette and lighting were taken from the elements and processes of coffee making. The 3 main rooms (bar, hospitality and roasting workshop) were each painted in colours found within the different coffee roasting steps – from light green to light brown, to dark brown.

The main lampshade above the counter is composed of 265 paper coffee filters glued together, creating a coffee filter shape on 5 different layers. The rest of the lighting elements and lamps were designed and produced “ad hoc” for Rosttrommel Erlangen by the local artisan, Hans Thomas Langer.

The hospitality area was conceived with 3 different heights depending of the use. Bar stools for the entrance area for a more dynamic use, low sofas for a longer stay and a more relaxed experience, or different heights in the courtyard for a more casual and open situation.

The counter, high tables and other elements were designed specially for Rösttrommel by Neoos Design. The surfaces were furnished using a flooring material from the linoleum company Forbo, Marmoleum, resembling a very textured and colored marble finish. The Rosttrommel and Neoos Design teams got together to produce quotes and facts of historical interest, specifically relating to the history of coffee, and these are displayed on the walls throughout the space.

The concept for the courtyard was to create a sitting area, including tables, using only one material and one shape. The final result is a seamless, uniform and inviting space on two levels, where one can enjoy the perfect coffee moment.

At the entrance to the coffee shop, next to the counter, there is a small Instagram wall and an oak and brass shelf for specialized up-market coffee magazines. The Neoos Design team’s main reason for the Instagram wall was to enable customers to display real images of their special Rosttrommel coffee moments.

Design: Neoos Design Team – Udo Kloos, Marvin Schock & Marcos Aretio.

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