Trilye Restaurant by Beliz Gorgul Interiors, Ankara – Turkey

November 23rd, 2016 by retail design blog

Trilye is a well-known fish restaurant founded in 2002, Ankara. In a short amount of time it became a popular spot for business meetings, family dinners and friend gatherings. Completing 14 years in business, Trilye decided to move out to a larger home in the same neighbourhood.

This building was originally built by a very well-known architect: Şevki Vanlı. Designed as a villa with a large backyard in 1967. One can follow the traces of Turkish Modern Architecture by looking at the modern contours of Vanlı’s design.

Years after, it had been converted to a restaurant, some additional spaces added to the existing structure and unfortunately, the DNA of the building changed dramatically. In 2015, we have been hired to renovate this building for Trilye.

We have so much respect to the architect so we decided to reinterpret Sevki Vanlı’s drawings in our interior consulting. The main purpose of this project is to bring Mediterranean spirit and sailing life in Ankara which lacks to be a coastal city.

For the design concept, we were desired to bring nature back into our urban environments. Growing a vertical wall garden is the perfect way for us, so we used it. As soon as you step inside the restaurant, a wall painting of Trilye will pique your curiosity.

The dining area is splitted into two: you can enjoy your meal either in the garden right next to the living wall or inside while exploring the ceiling which was inspired by the sailing life.

Moreover, two VIP rooms acquainted with Lobster and Oyster concepts and fancy restrooms are located on the top floors. Frequent use of brass and marbles all around the restaurant has helped us to create Mediterranean spirit in a more fashionable way.

Design: Beliz Gorgul Interiors
Photography: Tunc Suerdas

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  1. Perfect interior work by Beliz Gorgul Interiors. All the Best. 🙂

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